Deja Vu

Title           Deja Vu
Company		ICOM Simulations
Game Type       Adventure
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   Needs 512k
Submission      Wolfgang Unger (

Deja Vu - A Nightmare Comes True!

Deja Vu was one of the first adventures i saw on my Amiga. I liked it in
1988, and i still like this great game today! Although it was released for
the Amiga in 1988 - you can still have some hours of fun with it in 1999.

Deja Vu is a point-and-click adventure, you can't use the keyboard to play
the game. Everything is controlled via the mouse.

The plot is set in Chicago during the Forties, where you awaken in a dingy
mens' room at Joe's Bar. A needle mark reveals you have been drugged, and
you canīt even remember your own name. The drug's side effect causes your
brain to slowly deteriorate, unless you find an antidote. Otherwise you'll
black out and awaken as a vegetable in a local loony bin. One of your
first discoveries is a dead body, unfortunately killed with the gun you
carry around in your coat.

Hang around too long and the police will pin the murder on you. So you
should try to reveal the killer's identity and your own soon, unless you
want to get toasted on death row.

Deja Vu features a very thrilling athmosphere, and very logical riddles.
Even I could play through it in 1988, which means it isn't too hard,

The game works without problems on an A1200, you can install it to

After Icom made Deja Vu, they programmed Uninvited and Shadowgate, which
use the same interface and are two more of my absolute all-time favourites.

Later they released Deja Vu II - Lost in Las Vegas, which continues the
story of part 1. It is not a bad game, but I found it far less thrilling
than the first part.

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