Title           Deflektor
Game Type       Puzzle
Publisher       Prism
Players         1
Compatibility   OCS (WHDLoad patch available)
HD Installable  No (WHDLoad patch available)
Submission      Tom Waddington (

Deflektor is one of the oldest, creakiest-looking, sub-Atari ST ports that
the Amiga has ever seen. It looks almost identical to the C64 version,
it's full of the kind of metallic graphics that were popular in the days
of Red Sector Demo Maker and the sound is pitiful. Fortunately, the
presentation doesn't get in the way of the gameplay.

The idea is to rotate various mirrors scattered across the screen so that
a beam of light is deflected from the starting point to the end point
before your energy runs out. There are walls and various other objects
which hinder this task and other objects that the beam has to cross for
the level to be complete.

Now, normally I hate puzzle games, particularly games like this that at
first glance seem too overcomplicated to be enjoyable. After all, the best
puzzlers (Tetris, Atomino, Puzznic and so on) gain much of their
playability from the myriad possiblities that can be created from a
handful of easily understood concepts. A game like Deflektor, which
constantly throws up new things for you to deal with, would appear to have
messed with that formula too much.

Thankfully, that is not the case. The game has been well thought out, so
that each puzzle is made up of many smaller puzzles (in much the same way
as Lemmings, say). This means that you have a constant sense of
achievement even within a single level as you get that bit closer to
directing your beam towards the goal. Of course, on later levels what you
think is the next task often takes you in the wrong direction, encouraging
lateral thinking.

Rather than overcomplicating the game, the occasional new element has you
bouncing your beam off it just out of curiosity, then trying to fit its
behaviour into your strategy. The early levels are simple, but challenging
enough to whet your appetite and before you know it you're addicted.

Best of all, since I bought it as a re-release on the Prism Pocket Power
label, it only cost 2.99. I've bought PD games that cost more than that.
Fantastically addictive and a bargain into the, er, bargain.

Admittedly, Deflektor is no Tetris or Gem'X but it's a damn fine little
puzzler none the less.

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