Title           Datastorm
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Publisher       Visionary Design Technology (1989)
Players         ?
Compatibility   All (With WHDLoad Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch
Submission      Mike Landers

For sheer all out mayhem on an Amiga screen, there is nothing to match
DataStorm.  Nor would there be, as it is a direct copy of the all out
blastfest that was the arcade classic Defender, (a sideways scrolling
blast-em-up where you flew over small figures, that walked about on a lunar
landscape, protecting them from all manner of alien ships). Complete with
radar screen at the bottom, your mission was to protect and rescue
inhabitants of a moon and drop them to safety, while aliens attacked them
from the top and tried to take them away.  Once at the top of the screen,
the aliens would mutate and come looking for you extremely quickly.

Anyone who loved Defender (and especially lawyers with interest in
copyright) will love DataStorm, a near perfect copy.  It is amazingly smooth
and fast, with enough weaponry to keep Schwarzenegger happy.  The "protect
and rescue" element added a strategic angle and the mutated aliens could
induce panic attacks.  And even on an A500, it loaded in about three seconds

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