Deja Vu II, Lost in Las Vegas

Title           Deja Vu II, Lost in Las Vegas
Game Type	Adventure
Company		Icom Simulations, Inc. (1988)
Players		1
Compatibility	All (AGA?)

This game is one of the early Graphic Adventures, basically just an old
style text adventure, with some additions. Including mostly static
pictures for each location, and a simple point and click interface, with
two button control. It does suffer from not working unless you put the
arrow in EXACTLY the right spot. You play a private eye, who owes the
mob 100,000 big ones, and has to pay up in 7 days. You start off in a
Hotel Room in Las Vagas, having lost your memory. A couple of mobsters
soon refresh it for you. You have a few dollars, which you can gamble up
enough to buy a train ticket, after you've solved some problems. Then
you can go to other cities like Chicago, and Los Angeles. You can also
wander around the desert, I don't know whether this is for fun, or if
there are any problems to solve there. I never solved the game, partly
due to the cumbersome interface, and partly because I didn't find the
story all that interesting. I only actually tried the game because it
came free with my Amiga. The game package comes with a few plastic masks
of the detective.

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