Title           Cybersphere
Company		Psycon Software
Game Type       Sport
Compatibility   ECS ?
Submission      Jason Compton

	This Amiga Report review appears here by courtesy of Jason Compton

Hey, it's nice to have software show up at your door that you didn't know
about before.  Such is the case with Cybersphere.  I didn't ask for it, it
just showed up one day.  I'm glad, too.

Most people have played some sort of Breakout game.  If that doesn't ring
a bell, think of Arkanoid games.  If that doesn't work, try one of the
more popular Amiga options, MegaBall.  Get the idea?  Use a paddle
(usually restricted to horizonal sliding movement) to bounce a ball to
break bricks that exist "above" you.  In the Arkanoid variants of this
sort of game, rewards come down, usually in the forms of "power-ups" for
your paddle, like a gun, extra length, a slower ball...things like that.
Your goal is to break all of the bricks so you can go to the next level
and break more.  Miss the ball, and you die.

So, it's not the life for everyone.  But it can be a lot of fun.
Cybersphere is exactly that: a lot of fun.  The game idea itself is old,
but this implementation is very clever.  Almost every brick yields some
sort of prize...many bricks yield a shower of them in the form of gems you
can collect for a bonus at the end of the level.  Other goodies include
the requisite length, gun, and speed-decreasing bonus, along with old
favourites like multiple balls (extra destructive power but tougher to keep
everything in play), and the special bonus level, in which you can earn
tons of points and generally feel good about yourself.

This game, like many others in its genre, is fun.  The smooth animation
and colorful (for ECS) game grid make it pleasing to the eye.  One thing
that stands about it compared to other Arkanoid-clones is the largeness of
everything, which at first may disorient players familiar with games such
as MegaBall.  Another is the sheer volume of objects on the screen...with
the gun and a quick left-mouse-button finger, you can get 20-30 gems and 3
power-ups careening towards you.

One place where the game falls a bit short is in the's
hard-coded and not very good (halfway decent 64 SID music comes to mind).
Still, the game itself isn't killed by it.  And for US$12.50, you've gotta
hate Arkanoid games to not be interested.

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