Title           Corruption
Game Type	Adventure
Publisher 	?
Players		1
Compatibility	?
HD Installable  Yes?
Submission	Ivan Pongrac

   "Ah well, another simple text based adventure", I thought as I saw
"Corruption" for the first time, back in the days when I had an Amiga. But
already on my first serious attempt to play this game it revealed that it
was fundamentally different to other games of the genre I had played up to
this date (e.g. "The Pawn" or "The Guild of Thieves") ...

   Placed in an "in-people" kind of world, with offices and expensive
cars, the tale begins with you just having got a new job at a business
company. As you examine your surroundings you find out that there's
something very wrong with the company you're working for and especially
with your boss. There seems to be a conspiracy against you, and if you
don't do anything about it, you will be killed. Prepare to die often and
to die abruptly in "Corruption". This may become a little annoying (I
remember it took me ages to find out how to leave the hospital alive!),
but there's always a (logical) solution, of course.

   What impressed me most was the powerful text-parser. It was great fun
for example trying to kiss my secretary or doing any strange and silly
things; the parser always had an appropriate and funny response. I never
managed to win "Corruption", but one of my friends did, and after he
showed me the solution I wondered why I didn't have the right idea to
solve this or that. If you like using your brains and if you like big-city
atmosphere with intrigues and mistrust everywhere, "Corruption" might be a
game for you.

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