Title		Corporation
Company		Core design
Game Type	3D Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

I'm a bit hazy on the plotline, but essentially a large and powerful
corporation has been experimenting with genetic manipulation and there
have been a number of unexplained but grizzly deaths in the proximity of
said corporation's main building. Sounds like a job for you, the player,
to infiltrate the building and find out just what the heck is going on.

  Corporation is similar to Doom in that it is a 3D, first person
perspective, action oriented game. Corporation predates Doom though, and
there are a number of signifigant differences. The game appears to promise
quite a lot of depth, with all sorts of objects you can use, weapons,
lockpicks, gas masks and high energy food. You can choose from several
characters who you want to be, and this even extends to being a robot.
Okay, so it has depth you say, but wait, there's more.... besides all the
hardware you can use, if you elect to be a human player you can try and
access the psychic powers that the game also boasts. Things look
promising, I'm sure you'll agree.

  Unfortunately, Corporation is let down by firstly, a buggy game engine
that has a habit of crashing just as you access a new piece of equipment
or new level, and secondly the gameplay itself,which  atleast for me,
proved to be pretty disconcerting. You start the first level from within a
lift, and make your way from there through a number of corridors and
rooms, in search of another lift which will take you to the next level.
Along the way, you get jumped on by thing similar to the face-huggers in
the Alien films, buffetted about by some rather ferocious R2D2 relatives,
some of which prove to be holograms, filmed by ceiling mounted cameras,
and generally run ragged. Suffice to say, I was continually killed before
I'd made very much progress at all, and on the couple of occassions where I
looked like actually achieving anything, the flipping game crashed. Mind
you, it did that some of the time when I was not doing so well, so atleast
you can say it's fair.

 It maybe that I'm just rubbish at playing Corporation, and that with a
little technique and tuition I could avoid the things that make my
computer freeze, and my charcter die horrible deaths. Certainly, the game
is ambitious and possibly it helped bring about the Doom phenomenon. Given
my experiences though, I can't reccommend the game, and can only lament
what could and should have been a proper little corker.

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