Title           Colonization
Publisher       Microprose
Game Type       Management Sim
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All Amigas with I meg ram (AGA and Graphic card versions)
Game data/utils numerous speedup and save-game editors - search aminet for 'civ'
Submission      Glenn Mrosek (



This game can be seen as a follow-up to Railroad Tycoon and Civilization.
If you liked them, you'll like this!

The aim of the game is to discover and explore The New World (North and
South America), setting up colonies to become self sufficient and
eventually to win independence from your home country (England, France,
Spain, The Netherlands).

The game can be started with a user-influenced random map, or with a
ready-made one of the Americas.

You start off with a group of Pioneers and Soldiers, a ship, and a certain
advantage over the other countries in trade, military tactics, recruitment
of settlers or the ability to keep to local indians reasonably
happy, depending on which country you chose to play for.

The various buildings are well thought out and have a possitive impact on
the colonies, ie. a Lumber Mill will double your Carpenters' output. Also
influencing the game are the Founding Fathers, which you can vote for and
who will bring a certain benefit into play when they join the Congress.

Your first step is to land your colonists and set up home somewhere where
a good supply of a resource is handy (within 1 block of your colony) which
can be used for building, tool making or just sold to your home port.

On landing, you will meet the Natives who posess certain skills and who
are willing to train one of your unskilled colonists as an expert which
will make them up to twice as productive as normal. Also, the Indians are
good to trade with, especially when your home port boycotts your goods. If
you don't trade with them or send a missionary to smooth relations a bit,
they tend to become more aggressive and attack you and your units.

You will also meet the other 3 european nations in the New World and will
need to handle them with suspicion foremost as a war in Europe will also
influence their behaviour in The New World too.

Lost City Romours are also there to be discovered for Treasure, Fountains
of Youth (more settlers), lost colonists and some nasty things too. A
Seasoned Scout will have more luck here.

As your colony grows, you should expand and find more areas rich in raw
materials to be traded or to be made into more valuable products to trade
with or to stockpile for eventual war which is practically unavoidable.

As your colonies become more self-sufficient, they support the idea of
independence more and more and become more efficent at their tasks
allowing the colonies to grow bigger and support more people until, when
you have enough military units and defence, it's time to start the Mother
of all Battles, and declare Independence thus winning the game.


This is still one of the best strategy games around. It reeks of quality
from the music which is varied, fitting and unobtrusive, the graphics
which are clear, detailed and imaginative and the gameplay which leaves
nothing out. A true classic, buy it!


If you run Magic WB (or something else which hacks the WB palette) and
play the game on the WB, the colours are wrong. Starting the WB palette
prefs and selecting cancel fixes this (apart from the Continental Congress

Again, if playing on the WB, start the game as normal, disable the sound,
and move all the windows into a corner. Then start a second copy of the
game. This will let you have access to the Colonizopedia on the first copy
while you vote for a Founding Father in the second copy.

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