Codename Hell Squad

Title 		Codename Hell Squad
Game Type 	Action Adventure
Publisher 	Digital Dreams Entertainment
Players 	1
Compatibility 	AGA/ECS
HD Installable 	No (runs from the CD)
Submission	Markus Castren (

Codename Hellsquad is the long waited game from Digital Dreams
Entertainment which was first to be released by Vulcan Software three
years ago under the name of Codename Hellpigs. Since then the game hasn't
changed a lot. It now comes in a CD jewel case and with digitized
movie-like intro and outro sequences. There is no manual but a text file
on the CD which explains the basics you need to know when playing the game.

You control four merceneries who are sent to investigate some strange
happenings on Earth(?). The plot is very, very stupid so I won't go further
into it. The game looks like Indy/Monkey Island games, (the standard point
and click adventure format) but it's actually simpler and playing the game
is rather easy. The difference is though, that in this type of game you
usually have only one person to control, in CHS you have four. There's some
action bits added too where you have to shoot at the aliens and all kinds
of robots. Nothing special there, since they're very easy and I never got
killed by any of them. All the men have "shield points" though, so they
might die if they get shot too badly. The main idea of the game, however,
is still to solve lots of puzzles.

The graphics look very pleasent to me as the game is set to work on ECS
Amigas too. Audio wise I can say the same, as all locations have different
music/atmospheric sounds so it really adds depth to the game. The dialogue
throughout the game trys to be funny but fails somewhat, and has a lot of
swearing (so?).

I would recommend this game to anyone who's into the likes of Amazon
Queen/Indy 4/Monkey Island etc. The game is easy to get into and at least
for me offered plenty of challenge although I still managed to finish it
in few days without getting any help from anywhere. Definitely worth
checking if you liked the demo!

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