Title		Coala
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	AGA

The Amiga has never had too many helicopter sims around, especially for
the AGA Amigas and this is where Coala steps in - though not even near to
where Gunship 2000 reached. What makes Coala so special then? I can't think
of anything else except the Virtual Cocpit system which lets you move your
head freely around when sitting inside the chopper. This is based on a 3D
(polygon though) engine that the game developers have developed for some
other purposes. Coala isn't even that much of a sim, but a straight forward
shooter where you take missions and end them when you want. You can decide
if you play in the Western, UN or Eastern forces - or play against all of
them. There are no signs of campaings and the missions are rather simple
ones limited to destroying a certain number of machinery. You have a
chance of flying four different choppers and an ability to select three
different weapon systems - not very convincing, is it? Despite all this Coala
isn't a bad game if you're not expecting too much. It's fun to load up and
fly a few missions blasting away enemies(?) with different tactics - and it
comes with demos of the multimedia software too!

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