Citadel (Second Review)

Title		Citadel (Second Review)
Company		Arrakis Software and Virtual Design
Game Type	3D Action
Players		1
Compatibility	A500+ or better
Submission	Cristiano "Seiya" Cherchi

Citadel is a Doom clone similar to Gloom and Gloom Deluxe, Breathless,
Alien Breed 3D, Alien Breed 3D: The Killing Grounds, Nemac IV etc.. What
makes Citadel exceptional is that all the above games require an A1200,
A4000 or 68020 while Citadel actually runs on an A500 with just 1 Megabyte
of RAM.

Citadel's intro animation is a fantastic presentation, much like many of
the games on the PC or MAC, and it uses texture mapping. This Intro is of
course in low resolution, but it is fast and very smooth and has its own
sampled speech. The first time I saw this intro I could hardly believe my
eyes! A great presentation in texture mapping on my old and slow A500,
stunning, but even better and smoother on a 030/25 Mhz for example.
Citadel, as is the case with other games like Breathless, TKG, and Nemac
IV has been developped with its own C2p (Chunky to Planar) code, producing
good qality textures.

The game comes on 5 disks; and the introduction comes on the first 3
disks, with the game itself on the remaining 2 disks. Citadel  can also be
installed on hard disk, but the installer has always crashed on my system
(A1200 + Apollo 1240/40 MHz).

On an A500 with only a 68000 cpu running at 7 Mhz, Citadel is fast and smooth
on a postage stamp sized screen, but in Full screen it is very, very
jerky. To play with a screen size similar to Alien Breed 3D you must have
at least a 68030/50 MHz! The Citadel engine is not optimized for 040 or
060 and on my 040 it is very slow in full screen! However the playability
is so good that even though Citadel is very difficult, even at the
beginner level, you will keep coming back for more. During game play
(mostly in the early levels) there is not enough ammunition, or
medikits.... To play Citadel successfully you need to be an expert player!

Citadel has many options for you to adjust to your hearts content.

The static screen for the menu is quite nice and the interface gives many
different options for you to adjust:

(Difficulty = Default 'Hard")
(Screen Size = Default '5')
(Detail = Default 'Maximun')
(Floor = Default 'Yes')

With the folowing configuration, Citadel, is playable and quite smooth on
A500 7 Mhz

ScreenSize = 2
Detail = Maximun
Floor = Yes

and with this configuration, Citadel, is very playable and quite smooth on
a vanilla A1200:

ScreenSize = 4
Detail = Maximun
Floor = Yes

Citadel on an A500 is rather like Wolfenstein 3D on a 286! Wolfenstein 3D
only has simple texture on the walls, while Citadel has more complex
wall textures as well as floor and ceiling textures. While the 286 is of a
similar processor capability to the A500, a game like Citadel still
wouldn't run very well on the 286.

In a nutshell then, Citadel is a good game for just an OCS A500 and it has
beatiful presentation and good textures.

Now, this game is dated, the textures are good, but made for running with a
OCS/ECS Amiga...and the performance is poor even on faster Amigas. Citadel
is, of course, the only 3D texture game (like Doom) that can be run on an old
OCS Amiga 500!

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