The Chaos Engine (Second Review)

Title           The Chaos Engine (Second Review)
Company		The Bitmap Brothers
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1 or 2
HD installable  patch on aminet
Compatibility   All Amigas (AGA Patch available)
Submission      Michael Carrillo

A bizarre experiment by Baron Fortesque with space, time and early
computers led to  the creation of the Chaos Engine, unfortunately the
machine becomes powerful and then  went crazy. It turned man and beast
into mindless monsters with little or no intelligence. The Baron
realising his mistake hires 6 ruthless mercenaries. Enter the Thug,
Navvie, Preacher, Brigand, Mercenary and Gentleman. (each has their
own personality and style including weapons) You take control of one
of the above characters and the computer will take control of another
character of your choice (one player mode) Your mission is simple
- destroy the Chaos engine.

This game has classic stamped all over it. This is as near to coin op
heaven as you are likely to encounter -This, is the Rolls Royce of
Amiga shoot 'em ups. Quite simply from the moment you hear the words
'Players activated',  the great thumping Techno style manic music in
the background, the sound effects, the graphics (AGA Version), the
baddies, the traps, the powerups, they  all add up to a shoot
everything in sight frenzy.

The game is viewed from above (top down) There are secret areas to
access, nodes to activate which will open up the exit to the level,
coins to collect in order to gain power ups, intelligence etc, etc.
There are four worlds, comprising of 16 levels in total. Each world is
different form the previous one in terms of look and feel, baddies,
music, background, layout etc, etc.
 I could go on, but I really couldn't do this game justice even with
twenty pages, do yourself a favour, if you haven't got this, beg,
steal or burrow a copy (but don't pirate!) and download the HD
install patch from Aminet.   Without doubt this is the perfect game
for when you want to let off steam, turn the volume up, sit yourself
comfortably and enjoy!

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