The Chaos Engine

Title           The Chaos Engine
Company		The Bitmap Brothers
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   All Amigas (AGA Patch available)
Submission      Sam Manwaring

The Chaos Engine is a similar game to Gauntlet, a top down, maze based,
shoot-em-up, except it looks much nicer and is viewed from a slightly lower
angle. You can choose from six characters who you want to be, some are
all-rounders, others have rubbish guns but are good on skill and
strength, and some have brilliant special weapons. It is a two player
game, but if you're on your own the computer will be the other player.
Each level is littered with a lots of different power-ups, money, and
enemies; the giant hands on World 3 are particuarly good. Each world has
got 4 levels, and after every two levels you go to a shop where you can
convert your money into experience, and improve your weapons capabilities.
The levels and the monsters are very good looking, (you wouldn't want to
marry them though) and it's great when you stumble across a secret area.
Often you have a choice of which way you go, and this gives the game more
The Chaos Engine starts off easy, but gets harder and harder. It's a well
made game, and I really like some of the brilliant guns, "Party Power!"

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