The Chaos Engine (AGA)

Title           The Chaos Engine (AGA)
Company		The Bitmap Brothers
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1 or 2
HD Installable	No
Compatibility   AGA
Submission      Tony Belding Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

The Chaos Engine AGA comes on two disks, plus a "Boot Disk" to put the
computer in PAL mode.  It's odd, because the game appears to run on a
320x200 display.  My guess is that the programmers chose this odd
arrangement to deal with speed problems...

I had heard good things about The Chaos Engine, and I got the demo which
was really impressive.  I figured it would really blaze on my A4000. Hah!

First problem was when I tried to boot up by the directions.  The game
would not boot.  It accessed the boot drive for just a moment and then
died.  I tried everything.  Frustated, I set it aside and spent the rest
of the evening playing The Settlers.  Next day I tried again.  I learned
that the game will boot, but I just hadn't been patient enough!  It sits
and waits about half a minute (with a black screen and no disk activity)
before proceeding to load the game.  I have no idea why.

BTW, the game disks are copy protected and it's not installable.  The
manual says, "Do not attempt to `back up' this data as it may be destroyed
in the process.  And it's also an infringement of copyright.  Renegade
Software Ltd accepts no responsibility for disks damaged as a direct
result of infringement of copyright."  Give me a break!

When I get into the game, I am sorely disappointed.  The AGA graphics
hardly make the game look any better than the demo version (just a little
less dithering), but the game action is HORRIBLY SLOW and JERKY!  This
is a true crawling horror.  Compared to the fast, smooth action of the
ECS demo, the difference is just unbelievable.

Avoid this game like the plague.  This game was the LAST STRAW for me.
From now on I will not buy any more action games for the Amiga.  I can
play on game consoles and skip all these hassles.

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