The Chaos Engine (CD32)

Title           The Chaos Engine (CD32)
Company		The Bitmap Brothers
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   CD32,1200+CD
Submission      Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

Ahhh!  A game that can take on the big guys: Sega and Nintendo.  Sega and
SNES owners can already play this game under the name SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE.
It was even picked by Sega as their third-party game of the year for the
Genesis machine.

This is a shoot-'em-up, plain and simple.  It's a great one too, with
tons of power-ups, hidden levels and lots of enemies to blast.

The game revolves around the idea of a machine called The Chaos Engine
that has unleashed a "Cloud of Chaos" upon the world.  Animals and men
have been mutated into horrible beasts as a result.  Six soldiers of
fortune (Thug, Mercenary, Preacher, Gentleman, Navvie and Brigand) are
called in to disable the Chaos Engine and make things as they once were.

The player (or players, as this can be played by two at one time) picks
the soldier of fortune to control.  Each has his own special weapons and
abilities.  Basically, the object is to blast through each of the 16 levels
collecting power-ups and activating nodes which allow passage to the next

The game is pretty much a straight port of the Amiga AGA version, but in
this case that's not too much of a liability.  The original was good and
this is a console type game.  The graphics, while sparse, are quite
effective.  Anything else really would have been overkill.

This is a great game to sit down and just blast away with.  The manual has
the following line:  "Sure, I'd waste anything I saw and I wouldn't think
twice about it either."  How appropriate!

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