Title		Carvup
Game Type	Platform
Publisher	Core
Players		1
HD Installable	Yes
Compatibility	All
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This cute game takes the form of a platformer where you control a car
that must paint in the lines on the platforms. You paint in the platforms
by simply driving over them. You must jump using either the short or long
jump onto the platforms while avoiding the obstacles. There are plenty of
bonuses to collect along the way which increase your score. There are some
baddies that will try to stop you from progressing. The baddies can be
disposed of by various weapons that you can collect along the way. Paint
in the platforms while avoiding the baddies before the time runs out.
That's basically the whole game.

   The graphics are average as is the sound but the playability is what
really stands out. The game is very playable and the joystick control is
very simple. My only complaint about the game is that it is a touch easy
and there aren't all that many levels. So the game suffers from not having
lastability. What's there is great though.

   In conclusion, A basic but fun little game. Kids might enjoy more than
adults, but give it a try. A very simple game executed very well. Not an
essential purchase but don't pass it up if you can get it really cheap.

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