Captain Fizz

Title		Captain Fizz
Game Type	Shoot-'em-up
Publisher       Psygnosis, 1989
Players		1 or 2
HD Installable  With WHDLoad Patch
Compatibility	All with Patch
Submission	Adrian Simpson Profiled Reviewer

Playing Captain Fizz is like playing a cruder version of Alien Breed or
Cytron (like Captain Fizz, it is also by Psygnosis). All three games
feature a character running through metal mazes, seen from a top-down
viewpoint, blasting enemies and using keycards on doors. It's really a
space version of Gauntlet.

The screen doesn't scroll, but flicks to a new section each time you reach
the edge. The bad guys can fire from another screen onto yours, so often
you can get hit by a volley of shots from nowhere. You can do the same
to them though.

Doors are unlocked by keycards, which can be found lying on the ground.
The player can also pick up points, armour and extra firepower too.
Credits can be exchanged for more health at terminals. Sometimes areas are
sealed off with a forcefield, which can be disabled for a certain time by
pressing combinations of switches.

Like Gauntlet and Alien Breed, this is a multiplayer game. Unlike
Gauntlet, it only supports up to two players, but does have the split
screen mode. However, in one player the view is still only half the
screen, which seems a bit lazy. The multiplayer option livens the action
up somewhat, which is pretty common with Amiga games - two heads are
better than one.

Although the titlescreen is well crafted, the in-game graphics are
amateurish and the sound effects are pretty weedy. This gives the game an
unprofessional feel and makes you think that the programmer wasn't very
experienced on the Amiga. Another gripe is that it takes several shots to
destroy the weakest robots, so it makes you feel quite powerless in the

While not a bad game, you can't help but feel that there are better games
of this genre around, such as Gauntlet and Alien Breed, as mentioned
before. Paradroid 90 is also much better.

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