Cannon Fodder 2

Title           Cannon Fodder 2
Company         Sensible Software
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes (with Aminet Patch)
Compatibility   All (with Patch)
Submission      Seppo Typpö ( Profiled Reviewer

The first Cannon Fodder is one of the real Amiga classics and without
doubt one of the finest games on any platform. Writing a sequel to such
a game is practically a license to print money. In "Cannon Fodder 2"
Sensible Software tried to duplicate the successful formula of the
original one and nearly succeeded.

In Cannon Fodder 2 (like in the original) the player controls a small
squad of soldiers on a battlefield that is viewed from above. The
game is split into a series of missions, which must be completed in
order. The game figures are moved and commanded with a mouse which is
also used to aim and fire the guns within the battle - imagine Dune II
type battles but on a closeup, grunt level and with a lot less icon
clicking - the player just points the cursor at the enemy figure and fires
the gun with the mouse click.

 First the good points. The graphics, sound and gameplay have been
carefully copied from the original. The dark humour has been reproduced
perfectly. Everything worthwhile has been borrowed from the original
Fodder but it still has not the same charisma of the first game. Why?

First of all, the difficulty curve rises too high too early. Instead of
creating some gradually more challenging levels the player is put against
almost impossible odds in the very early phases of the game. Progress can
be made if the player is persistent enough, but most players will probably
give up after battling through a few levels.

Secondly, there are very few new features in CF2 which would entitle this
game to be anything more than a mission disk to the original. Sure, the
gameplay of the original was already well refined, but surely there could
have been something new to offer (like a two player head2head/cooperative

In some ways I may sound too harsh in this review and those who say that
are partially right. Cannon Fodder 2 is a good game, but it is strictly
aimed at the "Cannon Fodder veterans" who have finished the original and
yearn some more challenging action. Newcomers are well adviced to seek
out the original Cannon Fodder which has a more balanced and a leaner
difficulty curve and somewhat better level design.

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