The Chaos Engine 2

Title           The Chaos Engine 2
Company		The Bitmap Brothers
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   AGA
Submission      Mat Colton

Chaos Engine 2 is the sequel to the bestseller game Chaos Engine
and is a competitive action game. There are always two
characters involved, either 2 human players or one human and one
computer player. You can choose between four differant
characters, each with their own special abilities. As in CE1 you
view the play area from above and screen scolling is used
instead of screen switching. CE2 uses a split screen so that it
is possible to see what your opponent is doing at any time.
Of course he can also see what you`re doing. The main difference
between CE1 and CE2 is the fact, that in CE2 the two players are
competitors and not as in CE1 cooperatives. The main goal is to
get enough pieces of the crazy machine together. These pieces and
the key to exit the level lie around in the level. The player who
collects the most pieces and the key wins and can go on to the
next level. This means that you have to be lightning fast, knock
out your opponent and collect as much as you can, find the key
and get out of the level. You`ll end up rushing through a level
in a minute or so. If you lose, it takes about a minute or two
until you can go for the next try, because it takes that long to
load the level from the floppy. By now there`s a hd installer
availible in the Aminet and I strongly recommend using it, since
it`s no fun to play a minute and wait another 2 minutes to try
again. Also, this game is so fast, you don`t have the time to
enjoy the great graphics. I personally am not too happy about not
playing together as a team, but rather as competitors. Especially
in human+computer mode the game tends to get rather boring since
you have to rush though the level without a strategic plan. This is
the only negative aspect of CE2, but it was enough to get me bored
after playing a while. If you haven`t played CE1 or 2 , you`re
better off buying CE1 in my opinion. CE2 has a nice soundtrack and
the sound effects are good too. CE1 is a superb game, CE2 is good
too, as long as you want a dazziling fast gameplay and are not too
interested in strategic elements.

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