Colonial Conquest v1.0

Title		Colonial Conquest v1.0
Game Type	Strategy
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All (1 Mb)
HD Install	Yes
Submission	Marc Buhmann

	This Amiga Report review appears here by courtesy of Jason Compton

"Colonial Conquest" is a space-strategy game for one or two persons. The
basic idea and concept have been heavily influenced by the shareware game
"Conquest" and the Microprose game "Civilization". [Quote from first
paragraph of the docs]

Name    : Christian Mumenthaler
Address : Langgrutstr. 178
          CH-8047 Zurich
E-mail  : (Since he's finishing his
                                  studies, this may not be
                                           available long!!)

This product is "giftware". If you enjoy the game and would like to send
the author a donation, you can but it's not required. Suggested donation
is $7 US dollars.


1 meg RAM or more. Hard Drive recommended (if you can't wait 20 seconds)

Should run on all Amigas with 1+ meg. Tested on A500, A2000, and A4000


[1] Copy everything from the "Colonial Conquest" disk to it's own file
[2] Assign "ColonialConquest" to wherever it is
[3] Copy files in the Fonts, Libs, S, C, and Devs directories to your main
    hard drive directories by that go by the same name

For starters, I must say this is a fantasic PD strategy game! What's even
more amazing is the fact that this game was written in AMOS. This game
really shows off what AMOS can do. But enough of that, let's get on with
the review of "Colonial Conquest".

If you've ever seen the graphics of "Civilization", that's what the planet
scenes look similar to. You can't move around on the planets surface
except for the small box you see when you first colonize it. As for the
graphics in space, well the planets look exactly the same (But hey! It's
free so don't complain, got it?!

Choosing things (such as objects to produce) is all mouse driven. It makes
the game all the more fun because you don't waste your time trying to
figure out all the buttons on the keyboard.

After starting a nice colony, I started producing ships so I could fly to
other planets. A nice range of ships are available to you. Colony ships
are used to carry people to other planets. Once there they can create new
colonies. There are also transport ships which allow transportation of
goods between the planets. Then you can get into more of the fighting
ships starting with a cruiser. Basically all it is is a small warship. A
step up from that is a fighter (a stronger version of the cruiser) then a
dreadnought (even stronger). Last but not least comes the biggest of all
ships... the BATTLESTAR! This is the mother of all ships for the human
race IN THIS game. They are 64 times stronger than dreadnoughts!

When you're just starting out, you don't want to create ships. First worry
about starting a colony and helping it grow. A suggestion is to create
food droids then mining droids first. Then you can start to create what
else you want. There are a lot of things you can produce such as: Food
robots, granaries, nuclear power-plants, and planet destroyers.

Well I like the graphics first off. The planets could have been drawn
differently, but I'm sure that would have gotten tiresome since there are
a total of 26 planets.

I also like the point-and-click interface. Makes the game a lot easier to
play. The idea for the game was very creative and, in my opinion, you
couldn't add a whole lot to the game.

The docs are well written. One thing I'd like to see is an AmigaGuide
version of the docs.

As for dislikes, I can't really think of any. Except for the fact you need
to use a PAL interface. As for anything else, well my mind is drawing a

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