Colonial Conquest 2

Title		Colonial Conquest 2
Game Type	Strategy
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All (1.3?)
HD Install	Yes
Available	Aminet game/think/ColConqII_v11.lha 342K
Submission	Steven Pearson

This game is a hybrid of K240 and Civilisation. I've played K240 a lot but I
never got into Civilisation. I found this game easier to play, it offered
rewards sooner.

You are colonists in a remote part of the galaxy all alone except for a
stockpile of construction materials, some food and a modest settlement on a

You want to expand to colonise the other planets in this system, but you need
resources, ships, and technology. Resources are easy, send your people into the
fields to farm and into the mountains to mine. Ships can be built from
the minerals you mine. Technology is created by allowing people to perform
research by not sending them to the farms or the mines

You can happily colonise every planet in the system slowly and surely this way,
until an enemy arrives. In two player mode this is your opponent who has happend
to set his eye on colonising this part of the galaxy and no compromise is
allowed. In one player mode you face a mechanical enemy who has similar
mechanical desires, but in a cold twisted manner, they dare to capture your
colonies and force your people to work without food until they starve.

To take your colonies back you have to turn to war. Creating battle-stars and
troops to destroy enemy ships and enemy troops. When you have regained your
colony it's time to totally destroy the Mechanical enemy.

I think this game is great, it's simple enough to get a grasp of in a few
sessions. Yet deep enough to play again and again.

I have a great affection for colonising in a methodical manner, to extract every
last ounce of ore from a planet and start it producing battle-stars non-stop.

To help you fight you can use various technological items your people must
invent. From stronger ships and star-gates to the ultimate weapon the

My only gripe is it's a bit long winded in two player mode. The game is turn
based and you shouldn't see the opponents turn so there's lots of chair
swapping, and long before the end it often becomes apparent who has won. So the
loser loses interest and the game just becomes boring.

The computer never gets bored and won't give up even when your fleet can
completely overwhelm him. And the computers turns are so quick you often don't
see the invasion coming.

In my opinion this game is on a par with K240 with maybe a simpler interface.
And a hell of a lot simpler than Civilisation with more instant rewards.

As ever, read the instructions, this is still a complicated game and bashing away
at it for five minutes will not get you very far.

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