Combat Air Patrol (Second Review)

Title		Combat Air Patrol (Second Review)
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Company		Psygnosis
Submission	Geoff Paine

An enjoyable flight-sim, with the added twist of a certain amount of strategic
planning. Visually the game is not too bad, although the graphics are a little
blocky, particuarly at close range. One thing is a necessity; a good joystick,
without it, flying the planes is difficult if not impossible. As it is landing
is very hard, particuarly at night!!
Air combat is quite impressive, but the screen can jerk a little if there are
lots of objects displayed together.
The strategic side has depth and is engrossing, you won`t get far if you don`t
plan things correctly.
Generally the weapon side of things is well done, and  there is a learning curve
to be climbed before you gain the skill to use the ordnance effectively. Planning
is an issue here too, because obviously, certain jobs are going to need to be
tackled with certain weapons. As I`ve said the air-to-air side of things is not
bad, but frankly it has been done better elsewhere, and has not been
implemented as well as the air-to-ground role.
Overall Combat Air Patrol is a good game, but could be improved by better

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