Combat Air Patrol

Title		Combat Air Patrol
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Company		Psygnosis

 C.A.P. is billed as a flight sim and promises a fantastic strategic
killing field for the megalomaniacs of computer gamers.

However. This weak attempt by Psygnosis, a well respected software
publisher, falls flat on it's face!

 C.A.P. is probably the WORST flight sim ever done for the Amiga.
    (other than F-117A and F-15 Strike Eagle 2, by MicroProse)

Why is C.A.P. a flop?

Lousy flight modeling.

          I mean, come on.. An F15 that can not do an outside loop!?
          What kind of flight sim is this?!!
          (if you don't know what an out side loop is then you haven't
           played many flight sims and you can skip this review)
          Try to do an outside loop in this game and all you end up
          doing is pointing your aircraft at the ground, it -will not-
          loop. Even the inside loops are poorly emulated. Geesh..

          However. If you're not really interested in how well the flight
          modeling is in a game calling it self a flight sim then you might
          enjoy the game.
                          -If- you can put up with:

Cheassy grfx.

          Unless you like the look of the C=64 grfx.
          Give me a break. I've seen better grfx in freeware Amos games.

Crappy GUI.

          Yes.. the main control of this game is the GUI, and it suffers
          terribly when on the strategic playing map. You see, you control
          your ground troops via this game map and it sometimes can't make
          up it's mind where you are clicking, or if you have even clicked
          at all. .. Frustrating, aggravating and down right poor programming!

And a brain dead AI.

          AI in this case stands for "Anti Intelligence".
          No matter what difficulty level you select, the computer player
          of "this waste of bits" game must either be a blonde  or written by microsloth, ... totally stupid.

 The only redeeming factor of the game is a very nice animated intro.
The rest should have been tossed in the dust bin.

 C.A.P. R.I.P.

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