Brian the Lion (AGA)

Title           Brian the Lion (AGA)
Game Type       Platform
Publisher       Psygnosis
Players         1
Compatibility   AGA Only (turn off Caches and FastMem)
HD Installable  Yes
Submission      Robert Livesey

This was the first ever game that I played on my Amiga. And that is not
the only reaosn why I am so familiar and fond of it. I see Brian the Lion
as the best all-round platform game ever, in my humble opinion. This is
because it contains all the core ingredients to make a winning formula for
a platform game. This includes a high addiction level, the right balance
of hardness, and excellent graphics. Don't let the year of production of
the game put you off (1994) - I load up this game now in the year 1999 and
it seems as fresh as ever.

You play the role of a jungle lion named Brian the Lion (there are lots of
other unoriginal names for additional jungle creatures in the game) who
has the task of rescuing his dear friend Chris the Crystal (told you so!)
- who has been kidnapped by the evil Geeza the Dragon. Him and his other
warped jungle animal followers stand between you being re-united with your
dear friend, including Barry the Bear and Graeme the Gorilla. So the plot
is unoriginal as you can see - but you can let that pass since the rest of
the game makes up for this relatively unimportant shortcoming.
Dual-playfields show off what the Amiga can do best (scrolling!) and this
is also combined with excellent and vivid colours - making sure that every
spare colour of the AGA chipset is used to maximum effect.

I myself have completed the game and although it tends to loose
originality at the later levels, the right balance of addiction/hardness
keeps you coming back until you have completed the game. Overall, if
you're after an addictive, attractive and downright playable platform game
with well-drawn graphics to boot - look no further than Brian the Lion AGA.

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