Blood Money

Title           Blood Money
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   All (degrade for higher specs)
HD Installable  Patch is available
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

This was one of the first really great shoot'em ups on the Amiga. Upon
loading you are treated to a very nice intro animation showing a spaceship
flying through an asteroid field. This has nothing to do with the game but
is impressive to watch.

   The aim of the game is to blast your way through and survive 4 different
planets. Each planet has their own unique enemies and surroundings. Shooting
an enemy results in them dropping a coin which can be collected. Collecting
coins gives you money in which you will be able to buy more and better
weapons. There are shops at various points along the way, so you will never be
playing too long without having the option to upgrade your weapons.
      The gameplay is very good. The game scrolls both horizontally and
vertically, but at a fairly slow pace. This doesn't make the game any easier
however, the enemies although having set attack patterns are very numerous.
Besides getting killed by the enemies you can also die by flying into the
scenery. To further impede your progress you sometimes have to shoot through
objects to make a path for yourself, so you can just barely fly through
without hitting anything. This adds a little different element to the game but
its still a blast everything in sight shoot'em up.

   The graphics are very good throughout the whole game. The sound is just
average and you can select between sound effects and music. In conclusion, I
have to say that this is one of my favorite shoot'em ups on the Amiga. Its a
little bit dated now but, the gameplay is still excellent. It's definitely an
Amiga classic in my opinion, and you won't be dissappointed buying it.

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