Title		Blasteroids
Publisher       Tengen
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
HD Installable  Patch available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is basically just a souped up version of asteroids with
powerups and a choice of 3 different ships to choose from.

   The object of this game is to shoot all the asteroids and enemy ships
and transport to the next level where you face more asteroids. Complete
the required amount of levels and you will face a giant guardian that you
can only kill by shooting off all its body parts. The asteroids come in
different colors and some have to be shot many time before they break up
into smaller pieces and finally disintegrate. You can switch between 3
different ships by moving the joystick down. Each ship has its strenghts
and weaknessess. For instance, a ship has good fire power but moves slowly
another ship moves fast but has less firepower, You can always choose
between the 3 to suit your needs. Some asteroids when shot will release
powerup icons, collecting these can give you better firepower or shields.
A nice touch to this game is that 2 players can play at the same time on
the screen, this works well and adds a little to an otherwise average game.

   The graphics are average and sound is basic. The game plays okay and
the difficulty level is just about right but I feel this game should have
been better. The graphics and sound should also have been better and I
feel this would have added to the game. The levels are very similiar and
although you can choose between easy and hard the game still gets boring.

   In conclusion, a very average game. It doesn't really add anything to
the asteroids genre and I actually like the original asteroids better.
This game is similiar to Stardust in many ways but doesn't even come close
to that game's standards. Infact if you have Stardust than don't get this
game! You will think that you are playing a C64 game. Blasteroids is not
terrible but is not good either. I can't really recommend this game. If
you like asteroids then check out PD versions or get the great Stardust

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