Title         Biing
Game Type     Management Sim
Company       ReLine
Players       1
Compatibility Must have HD, AGA and ECS versions..
Discs         19 (AGA), 12 (ECS)
HD-Install    Must
Submission (Jens Vang Petersen)

First a warning, this game is in german, and as far as I know there's no
translations of it anywhere..
This is proberly the biggest game ever to be released as discs, it takes 19
discs and 30 minutes to install it on the HD.. After the instalation it's
playtime, the game starts out by a 'star wars' text-scroller, that quickly
turns out as one giant joke..
The actual game is a hospital simulation, you have to build a hospital from
scratch by buying land and buildings and getting some staff. Well the last
is the more importaint thing, so you put some adverts in the local papers
and wait for some responses. Ok, now it's time to find what people you want
to hire. Oh, their references ??, no that's not importaint. You have some
other competitors and you can see some status of how you're doing compared
to the competition. The most importiant qualities when measuring the rating
of the nurses is their boops, and how much (little) clothes they wear. For
doctors their ability to play golf is importaint.. The game is filled with
humour, and a bit sex too. E.g. if you have many patients waiting, you can
ask the nurse in the waiting-room to take her clothes off, just to make
sure the people don't get bored. Each section of the hospital shows up as
a fixed image, but they are so well drawn that you can spend loads of time
just exploring the many details..
Even when this game sounds like a bit of a joke, the actual management of
the hospital is not that easy. A good indication of this is the size of the
included manual, which uses almost 60 pages in german to descripe the many
options and tactics you can use..
It's a bit hard to recomend this game, becourse of the style it uses, there
is no respect at all for hospitals, women and patients here. To like this
game you proberly also have to love 'Monthy Pyton'-humour, and then you
need some quite good skills in german to make anything from it...

 A bug-fix patch can be found somewhere on the net..

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