Battle Valley

Title           Battle Valley
Publisher       Hewson
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   All (Degraded AGA)
Submission      Mike West

This was my very first Amiga game so I'll try not to be too biased!
Terrorists have captured two missiles and it is up to you to retrieve them
and save the World. A timer is counting down the whole time, so there is
no time to waste. A shutter opens and out comes your tank ready for
action. Slightly unusually, rather than going say, left to right as is the
norm, you go left for one missile or right for the other. Trundling along
at a maybe slightly too slow speed you come across rocket launchers,
grenade throwers and radar installations to name but a few. The tank
however, can only travel so far before missing bridge sections prevent any
further advance. This puzzled me when I first played it until I realised
that by dashing back to the start point and parking the tank back, it was
possible to also fly a helicopter but the bridge still puzzled me. I
eventually learned that by flying further, a bridge section could be found
and winched into place thus allowing the advance of the tank. I should
have learned my lesson there and the manual first! (I still
go diving in to this day). Bearing in mind the time factor, you begin to
see that careful planning of when or where to use either vehicle is
essential to get anywhere in the game.

 Terrorist bases along the way must be captured and ammo dumps inbetween
provide extra firing power. Points are awarded for any installation
destoyed ranging from 300 to 2000. The sprites are all nice and large but
the minor letdown is the way the tank moves rather like a "Captain
Pugwash" style cartoon cut-out of a tank, being pushed along with a stick.
But that is not a big enough to stop me liking this. A bit like the first
record you ever bought, you will defend it to the end. I still like to
play this from time to time and I still will the tank to go just that bit
faster. When you're saving the World, time waits for no man.

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