Battle Squadron

Title           Battle Squadron
Game Type       Shoot'em up
Players         1-2
Compatibility   OCS/ECS
HD Installable  No
Submission      Klaus Dreyer

This action packed game is just as traditional as it is good. Nothing new
under the sun here, maybe except for the perfect graphics, the excellent
tunes and sounds and a gameplay that'll make you sit in front of your
computer for a long time, that is if you like scrolling shoot'em'up games
of course.

The scenery is (as so many times before) space, and everything is seen from
above. The playfield is a bit wider than the screen itself, meaning that
the nice backgrounds (planet surfaces, aliens, big buildings, etc.) also
scrolls from left to right or the other way around according to the
position of your spacecraft. If you are two players you can play

When you shoot down certain enemies, they drop a token that gives you more
and better fire power, and of course there's the obligatory end-of-level
monsters you have to destroy. Also, there is the opportunity to fly down
to a sublevel, but the mission is the same: Kill the aliens. The more
levels you play the harder the game gets. Nothing new here, but it's all
so very well done. The colorful and well drawn graphics and the great
sound really helps to create a new dimension for the old-fashioned
gameplay; the "game over"-tune is especially superb in all its simplicity.
If you like old-style 2D action games this is certainly the game for you,
if not play it anyway just to experience the technical side of it and the

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