Battle Command

Title		Battle Command
Game Type	3D Combat Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA (patch available)
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Battle Command was the followup to the classic 3D war simulation Carrier
Command that put you in charge of an advanced aircraft carrier complete
with landing vehicles and a large amount of islands to capture and
exploit. In Battle Command you`re in a tank. If that sounds like a bit of
a put down, then I suppose it is, it`s just that with the first game there
was a huge amount of scope for how you fought, how you handled logistics
and what priorities were assigned. This depth is absent from Battle
Command which may suit some people, but why not just call the game “Tank”
or something? Having “Command” on the end would seem to inevitably lead to
disappointment, given the entirely different approach from the first game.
Okay, so you`ve got this tank, and you have to undertake about 12 missions
to complete the game. Your vehicle is highly advanced, and can withstand a
great deal of punishment. It needs to, most of the missions are long
slugging matches where you have to take out seemingly endless hoards of
enemy tanks and helicopters before you can achieve your objective. True
there is some variety in the objectives and the choice of armament may be
crucial to that specific mission, but for me, most missions felt pretty
similar. I finally stopped playing after endless attempts to win the
bridge mission, where you have to recapture and defend a bridge against
(you guessed) seemingly endless hordes of enemy tanks. It isn`t that
Battle Command is bad, indeed it has some good moments and is generally
well produced, it`s just that given it`s pedigree, it should have been so
much better.

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