Bart vs the Space Mutants

Title		Bart vs the Space Mutants
Game Type       Platform
Company		Ocean Software (1991)
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Sam Manwaring

Bart vs the space mutants is kind of an arcade adventure of the
horizontally-scrolling type. It is a fairly good adaption from the tv
series and the music is pretty much the same as on the show. You basically
go around trying to avoid the space mutants, find all the useful purple
objects and buy cherry bombs and other weapon type things. I wasn`t too
sure about which weapons to use and when to use them. When you start
playing, it says at the bottom of the screen, "Find all the purple objects
and when you do find them, spray-paint them or get rid of them." I found
this very difficult to achieve. There are 2 Bart pictures down at the
bottom of the screen, that show how much life you`ve got. When you lose
both Barts you will hear Bart say "Eat my shorts!" and you will either die
completly or start some where close to where you lost a life, depending on
if you`ve got any lives left. If you die, I think it takes quite a long
time to get back to playing the game again, which is a further
annoyance. The worst thing about the game though, is that it is hard to
cycle through your weapons, which I find very irritating.

 I do find it quite a good game but then again it is a bit tedious, and
not really a game I`d keep playing for very long. Certainly there is much
room for improvement. As a percentage I would only give it 64%

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