Bar Games

Title           Bar Games
Publisher       Accolade
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-4
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game consists of a compiliation of "Bar Games". The games include,
Liar's Dice, Wet & Wild, Air Hockey, Pick Up Artist, and Last Call. This
game is not for children as there is some sexual content and nudity to
some of the games.

   Liar's Dice is a game where you bet on how many of a certain number you
roll on a dice. You oppoenant can't see your dice and you can't see
their's. If you say that you have four FIVES, there must be at least four
FIVES between the two of you. You can bluff and maybe fool your oppoenant
into making a bad bet.

Last Call is a game where you have to serve beers to your customers. You
serve beers by throwing them along the bar table. You have to select the
right amount of power or the beers will either slide too far past them or
not far enough. You use the joystick and select the power by a holding
down the button utill you reach the power level you want. This Game is
very remincent of the C64 game Tapper.

Air Hockey has you playing this game against a computer opponent. You
start against an easy one and if you win two out of three matches you will
then play against a harder opponent until you lose.

Wet and Wild has you trying to pour water over girls who walk across the
screen. If you successfully pour water over them you will get to see their
breast and nipples. You have a limited amount of buckets and the more
directly you hit them with the water, the more their breasts and nipples
will show through their shirt. When you've saturated one completely another
girl will then walk faster back and forth acros the screen.

Pick Up Artist has you trying to pick up 1 of 3 girls in a bar. You have a
choice of three question to ask the girls and must ask them the right
questions or you will not get very far with them. You select the questions
by pressing the joystick button when the the question you want to ask is
highlighted. The highlighted questions switch back and forth between each
other so you must time each press of the button correctly. The more right
questions you ask, the faster the questions will alternate back and forth.
If your timing and reflexes are good and if you ask all the right
questions you can eventually get to have sex with the girls and win.

   In conclusion, I thought this was an interesting game. It's a novel
idea and is executed pretty well. It's definetly made for a male game
player and adults at that. The graphics are decent and the girls in the
game are very pretty. I tried using the pickup lines that worked in this
game in a real bar and I'm sorry to say that they didn't work as well in
real life. Oh well, maybe next time. If you want to play a game where you
can see girls nipples and then enjoy a game of air hockey, then get this
game. I liked this game, as I say, I thought it was a novel idea and the
games do actually play well. An essential purchase? no not really, but I'm
glad its in my software collection.

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