Brutal Sports Football (CD32)

Title           Brutal Sports Football (CD32)
Game Type       Sport
Company		Millenium Interactive Ltd
Players         1-2
Compatibility	CD32
Submission      Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

As a football fan, I really wasn't too keen on the idea of a football game
that wasn't really a football game.  That is, I felt that way until I

BRUTAL FOOTBALL is a knock down, beat-em-up, rip-their-heads-off
combination of soccer, rugby and American football.  One or two players
can face each other or play the computer in leagues or a tournament mode.

The basic premise is simple:  Put the ball into the goal at one end of
the field while preventing your opponent from doing so to the goal at the
opposite end.  Unlike most other sports, their are no rules on the field.
An opponent can tackle you, stab you, stomp on you, or rip your head off
and, likewise, you can do the same to him.  Various powerups can help or
hinder you as you try to rack up the score (and the head count.)

The graphics are adequate.  Sometimes, the field is so cluttered with
heads, players, powerups and the actual field markings, that it is hard to
see where the ball actually is.  The soundtrack is provided by a CD audio
track of an Eddie Van Halen-type guitar riff that gets annoying after a
few games.  Unfortunately, the "music off" option that is provided didn't
seem to work for very long.  Sometimes it didn't work at all.

This is a game that cries out to be played by two players.  It tends to
get a little boring playing against the computer.  The computer is either
hot or cold.  It will play like it's brain dead one game and then play
like it's on speed the next.  Close games with the computer as an opponent
are likely to be few and far between.  Against a human opponent, however,
this game is classic videogaming.  It's a blast to watch your friend's
face as your rip one of his team member's heads off.

Highly recommended for those that can stomach it.  As the heavy metal band
Exodus used to sing, "Good violent friendly fun in store for all."

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