Brutal Sports Football AGA

Title           Brutal Sports Football AGA
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-2
Compatibility	AGA only
Submission      Isaac Abraham

Initally called BeastBall, this was one of the first AGA only games to come
out, and it`s not a bad little number, either. In that classic SpeedBall 2
mould, the object is to score more goals than your opponent, whilst kicking
the stuffing out of him/ her also.

Brutal Sports stays firmly on the violence first, football second side of
things, which is a good thing - at least it has gone one way or the other,
not sat on the fence like SB2 did. Another difference with SB2 is that this
one is viewed side on, instead of vertically, with nice big sprites.
The game has few options, you can opt for a one player league (quickly gets
boring) or a two player "unfriendly".  This is my sort of game - at least
it doesn`t waste time with false pretenses! The game begins with the ball
being placed in the centre of the field, and that`s when the fun begins. You
control the player on your team nearest to the ball, and once you have the
ball, can either pass it short or hoof it long, in some sort of attempt to
score a goal. At the same time, you can try to tackle your enemy if he`s got
possession - either a rugby-like flying tackle, which knocks them off their
feet immediately, or a solid punch in the gob can be used - this is harder
to do, but is more powerful. Also, if you find an enemy crouching on the
ground, you can kick him up the arse and then stomp on him indefinitely!!!
Yep, BSF is certainly violent, to the point of being able to punch an
opponents head off at one point (and then mistake it for the football and
kick it away!).

Like SB2, powerups litter the pitch, and although they are not particularly
varied, they do enough to add a little spice to the game, such as the speed
ups, swords, shields, and knuckledusters.

Like most of these games, they`re best played with two or more, and are
quickly boring with one person, even with a league option. Two people can
have a right laugh, especially during injury time, when the ball disappears
and you must simply kill your opponents before they get to you.
Right. Summing up then, BSF certainly isn`t a fantastic game. I wouldn`t pay
25 quid for it, but if you see it in a bargain box, and have a friend to
play it with, I say buy it, I reckon it`s well worth it.

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