BMX Simulator

Title           BMX Simulator
Game Type       Sport
Company         Codemasters
Players         1 or 2
HD Installable  No
Compatibillity  All
Submission      Joachim Froholt Profiled Reviewer

This is one of the early Amiga games from Codemasters. They used to
put the word Simulator in the title of every game they released (and they
released quite a lot of them). I think only a few of their Simulator games
were any good, but they were cheap, so Codemasters sold plenty of games

BMX Simulator is not a simulator at all, but an overhead racing game.
Each track fills one screen, and there are seven tracks included in the
game. The point of each track is to finish it before a _very_ tight
time limit runs out. There's also another rider (human or computer)to
look out for. The controls are simple: Ride faster by holding down the
fire button, turn the bike by pushing the joystick left and right.
There's also the option to control the game using the keyboard.

The graphics are functional. There's no background animations and the
bikes are very small, but the actual tracks look good enough to be
interesting. The sound effects are slightly below average, and so is
the music (despite being composed by C64 legend David Whittaker).

What about the actual game then? Very average. It's fun for a while, and
the replay function (with slow motion) is worth a few laughs, but there's
some flaws in the game engine which ruins a lot of the gameplay.
The most important flaw is that a crash with the computer opponent will
send you head-first into the mud, while he'll just go on like nothing
happened. Because of this, he don't have to worry about colliding
into you, so he does this a lot. It's very annoying, especially in the
later levels when a single crash is enough to shatter all your hopes
of continued play.

BMX Simulator is not a game to look out for. It will provide you with
fun for an hour, perhaps two, but you should rather spend your money on
something else. Of course, it depends on how much you'd have to pay for
it and weither you think that amount is worth an hour or two of fun.

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