Title           BattleChess
Game Type       Strategy
Players         1-2
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All
Submission      Isaac Abraham

A bog standard chess game, but for two major differences. Firstly, it has a
3D fantasy-style option. Here, when moving pieces, a little animation occurs
showing the pieces walking around. Similarly, when taking an opponent`s
piece, an animation showing a fight between the two pieces happens. It`s
good for about 10 minutes, then the novelty wears off, because you simply
lose your train of thought. So, switching back to the 2D mode, what else
does this game have to offer? It has 10 predefined levels, plus an option
for you to choose how long the computer has to think. Nothing out of the
ordinary here. There are Undo and Replay buttons, and the option to save
your game. Again, nothing fantastic. So it boils down to one other thing -
and this is easily the most important feature of any chess game - the chess
engine. I played it against three other chess games I have installed on my
HD - UChess, VChess, and Chess.
UChess is easily the most powerful chess game on the Amiga, with some
fantastic tactics and a particularly good strategy. It beat BattleChess
within 25 moves on most occasions, given the same amount of time (15 seconds)
VChess always won against BattleChess also, as did Chess, although they both
required more time. Basically, BattleChess is a cack chess player.
Unless you are easily impressed by fancy graphics, stick to the UChess -
it`s faster, about a billion time better, takes advantage of more memory and
faster processors better, and, incredibly, is free.

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