BC Kid

Title		BC Kid
Game Type	Platform
Publisher	Hudson Soft/UBI Soft
Players		1
HD Installable	Patch available
Compatibility	All
Submission	Chris Vella  cvella@specdata.com Profiled Reviewer

   This platform game got it's origins from the game BONK on the Turbo
Graphix 16 game console.

   You control a cute caveboy type character who must make his way through
the horizontally scrolling levels while killing the creatures and
collecting bonuses. You can kill the creatures by either headbutting them
or by jumping upside down and landing on them. There are also some other
obstacles that can impede your progress, for instance, landing in
quicksand or by trying to kill an invincible enemy. There are also hills
that you must climb to get past. To climb them you must bite into them and
work your way up them with your teeth. Once you get to the end of the
level you will face the guardian. There is a certain way to kill these
enemies and you shouldn't have much trouble figuring out how. There are
also bonus levels that have you doing anything from headbutting a certain
number of rocks to collecting a certain number of hearts within a
specified time limit. These bonus games were fun and added nice variation
to the game.

   The graphics are very cartoony and the music is very nice. Joystick
response is very good and the games difficulty is good, although I found
it a little on the easy side. The game plays well and I found that the
novel way of killing the enemies by headbutting them works well. Each of
the levels vary nicely with different enemies and guardians. Some levels
included are Desert, Jungle, Underwater and Volcano.

   In conclusion, I really liked this game. It's a platformer but feels
different than most. There is enough variation to keep you from getting
bored. There are many nice features in the game and a bit of humor as
well. I found the game very appealing but I can't point my finger on why.
Basically it just a very good game. If you are a fan of platformers then
you should really like this game because it is better than most. This game
gets a definite thumbs up!

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