Body Blows Galactic AGA

Title           Body Blows Galactic AGA
Game Type       Beat-em-up
Players         1 or 2 (simultaneous)
Compatibility   AGA only (ECS version was also released.)
HD Installable  Yes (WHDLoad install)
Submission      Nathan Wain Profiled Reviewer

This game is your standard two person fighting game.  Just like Mortal
Kombat, Street Fighter, and International Karate.  (Or Elf Mania, Capital
Punishment, and Shadow Fighter, to put it in an Amiga perspective.)

Any AGA Amiga.  (A1200, A4000, or even UAE .. yes (shame) I did try it on

Okay, so this was one of those fighting games I honestly never thought was
that great.  Was kinda interesting, but the characters were all a little
inanimate and flat.  Much like most of the games that came from the core
Team 17 group.  ..As you can probably guess, I wasn't entering into this
one with the highest of expectations.

So I booted it up today to see if I could find what made it 'great'. I
have never tried to install this to HDD before, so this is the pure floppy
disk wait-play-wait event I'm documenting. I put in the disk..  I waited..

Okay, average looking attract mode comes up.  A polished title sequence.
Tidy, and uneventful.  There's some foot-tapping Brimble music trying to
tell you there's something good here. But one copper effect and some
graphics that still look rather ECS in nature leave me unconvinced.

Time to try it out.. Choose the cutest character (I dunno.. there's
something about a girl that kicks ass)  ..wait for the click-click of
the drive. Wait.. Get a little bored. Screen comes up. "Fight!"  Game
on. Wha..!  Thanks for the warning guys!

Fumble for the joypad in time to dodge the second attack with a random
move. Jump, punch, kick.. Find a crouch-kick move that seems to be quite
effective. Lose anyway. (mutter mutter)  Get ready for the next round..

Find that that crouch-kick always works pretty darned well.. Find that
most of the other moves get me hurt. Try the old jump-kick in to close
range and keep doing your favourite move trick. Win and win again.

Keep on doing well.. (Sound samples are more than a little repetitive.
Maybe that's the discouragement from repeatedly using the kill-all move?)
Keep doing well some more. Hone the jump in and do favourite move
technique a little more. Complete the game. Huh?  Okay, a mediocre game
with no challenge.

Did I miss something?

I then try the game with a couple of the other characters. Generally I get
wiped all over the floor. Hmmmmm... Beginners luck?  I dunno. What I do
know is that any game that lets you win with a single move needs better AI.

Maybe they playtested it mostly in the two-player mode?  Regardless, I'm
not that good a beat-em-up player. If I can complete it in my first go I
won't consider this game money well spent.

Is it really AGA?  The overall colours just felt so ECS (about three
different colour-gradients used over the whole screen. And the sound
samples certainly got repetitive after a short time. Overall the whole
game just feels like a poor mans Street Fighter.

Admittedly at the time we probably didn't have many games like this on the
Amiga. .. and it was a Team 17 game, so of course it would keep all the
nice GFX, nice SFX, shallow gameplay, fanatics pleased.

But there are plenty of games like this for the Amiga now. And all of the
ones I've tried were far more entertaining than this. If you want to try
a beat-em-up, try Shadow Fighter, try Elf Mania. IK+ still has huge
entertainment value. And heck, I even find far more joy in getting my ass
whipped in Capital Punishment. Body Blows Galactic is going to stay on
the shelf on any rainy weekend I can conceive of.

Back in it's day I can imagine BBG might have been received as an okay
game. But I certainly couldn't see anyone getting excited about it.
Today it's distinctly below par. Average graphics and sound, combined
with simplistic gameplay.

Conclusion: Too much to pay for a nice Allister Brimble song.


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