Body Blows Galactic

Title           Body Blows Galactic
Publisher       Team17 (1993)
Game Type       Beat-em-up
Players         1 or 2
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   Not 040
Submission      Emmanuel Henne

"After defeating the Evil Max, Dan and Junior decide to take on the

These are the opening words of the sequel to one of the most successful
Amiga games of all time: "Body Blows Galactic".

While the original "Body Blows" had a more down to Earth flavour,
"Galactic" confronted the player with a rich variety of very strange
creatures from different planets and parts of the galaxy: robots, energy
entities, amazons, dinosaurs...

The gameplay remained untouched (what luck), while the graphics were
completely overhauled and better than before. In "Galactic", each "arena"
is set on another planet, and they are completely different: fight for the
crown on a techno planet, rival Your opponent on a jungle planet or throw
fireballs on a icy planet, everything is possible, anything goes !

Along with new enemies, the special effects were greatly improved: on the
planet "Feminion", You`ll see Your own reflection in the water, on
"Eclipse" the oceans are frozen and the skies are burning (animated with a
nice colour cycling effect)....

Also, the sound had been enhanced quite a bit, while the overall music
style was still the same.

As additional new features, T17 introduced "Mercy" (similiar to "Finish
Him !" in Mortal Kombat) and energy bars which, when loaded fully, allow
the use of a special-special-special weapon.

The game is as fast and furious as You`d expect, and solely the fact that
nothing really new is being offered prevents it from reaching the
top class of games.

For those who enjoyed "Body Blows", this is a worthy sequel with enough
variety to keep You fighting with all characters through all levels,
nothing more, nothing less.


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