Arcade Pool

Title           Arcade Pool
Publisher       Team 17 [also on CD32 with Superfrog] (1994)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1
HD installable  HD-patch: aminet:game/patch/t17pack.lha
Compatibility   all Amigas (AGA enhanced)
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

The overhead view has been used for billiard games since the early days of
8-bit computers; the advent of 16-bit computers has brought the ability to
use a more realistic 3D view, first used in the classic 3D-Pool (which was
also available on the 8-bit systems). For Team 17 to release a 2D game
seems like a step backwards. Once you play, however, these initial
misgivings are left to one side, for Arcade Pool is an attractive and
addictive game. Unlike previous games, the balls appear to roll (and
despite the limited number of animation steps involved it is fairly
convincing), the graphics are very good (if limited) and the sound effects
are excellent. There are numerous options and types of game to play from
one to sixteen players, and various scored 'challenges' in which you can
build up and save high scores.

On the minus side, Arcade Pool is lacking in realism and would be
considered unacceptable as a simulation - hence the 'Arcade' title. The
behaviour of the balls is predictable 90% of the time but occasionally
quite laughably peculiar. Fortunately the gameplay is so engaging and
easily picked up that such quirks are easily excused. This isn't one to
command your attention for weeks but it's one you'll happily come back
to from time to time for a quick knock-about.

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