Arcade Pool (Second Review)

Title           Arcade Pool (Second Review)
Publisher       Team 17 [also on CD32 with Superfrog] (1994)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1
HD installable  HD-patch: aminet:game/patch/t17pack.lha
Compatibility   all Amigas (AGA enhanced)
Submission      Isaac Abraham 

At only 10 quid, you may think that this is a cheapo budget game that has
little going for it. But by now, Team17 must be regretting pricing it at
such a stupidly low, low, price, because it rocks. For your 10 pounds worth,
you get to choose between 8 Ball UK/US, 9 Ball, 8/15 Ball, Survivor (or
Killer as we call it during lunch breaks in our local pool club), 9 Ball
Challenge, and the wonderful Speed Pool. It caters for 1 to 32 players, and
you can play simple best of three games or huge tournaments. There are tons
of computer players, ranging from the incompetent Stuart Campbell to the
incomprehensibly fantastic Mario Savioa. The graphics are quite luscious,
especially on AGA, and when pocketed, balls make a satisfiying "brrrr..clunk"
sound, just like in real life. Apparently the CD version has samples from a
real pub, and although this would hardly up the score of the game, it adds
to the atmosphere and shows that Team17 have put quite a lot of effort into
the game.
So, to sum up then. Buy ArcadePool tomorrow in you local second hand shop or
by mail order. Who knows, Team17 may even decide to come back to the Amiga.
ArcadePool is configurable down to the point of being able to choose the
baize colour or make the rules up for 8 Ball Pool. It has an online manual,
the music is reasonably chirpy, and most of all, it`s fun.

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