Arcade Pool (CD32)

Title           Arcade Pool
Publisher       Team 17
Game Type       Sport
Players         2
Compatibility   CD32
Submission      Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

There haven't been many good two-player games for the CD≥≤.  There have
been some attempts at them though.  Some like CD FOOTBALL and BRUTAL
FOOTBALL succeeded, while others like DANGEROUS STREETS and SUMMER OLYMPIX
have missed the mark.

ARCADE POOL attempts to recreate the experience of going down to the local
pool hall and shooting a few games.  The CD≥≤ version goes so far as to
include a constantly running track of background noise from a pub, complete
with laughter, conversation and coughing to "enhance" the experience.

ARCADE POOL includes UK and US versions of the game as well as trickshot
and tournament modes.  Instant replays of the last shot and a statistics
screen are also available at anytime during the game.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the basics behind pool and it's
various games.  All of the major games are included here: US and UK 8
ball, US 9 ball and 15 ball.  The rules are all very easy to learn and you
may be finding yourself playing a game you'd never think you'd play.
(I've been playing a lot of the UK 8 ball, for some reason.)

One major downfall with most computer billiards games is the correct
application of physics to the software.  If the programmers can't
accurately make a shot act as it should in real-life, there's no point in
the game.  The physics in ARCADE POOL are among the best I've seen in an
electronic pool game.  Bank shots and cuts are very much like they'd be on
a real pool table.  The only quibble is the size of the balls.  They're a
bit on the large side.

I have no major gripes about the game at all.  The accurate physics and
easy to learn shot mechanism make ARCADE POOL a satisfying solitaire game
and an outstanding two-player game.

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