Arcade Fruit Machine

Title           Arcade Fruit Machine
Game Type	Sport
Company         Zeppelin Games
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Installable  No
Submission	Joachim Froholt Profiled Reviewer

What is it that makes fruit machines so addictive? The most obvious answer
is that they give us the ability to win bucketloads of money. So, with
this in mind, wouldn't a computer conversion of a fruit machine be a
rather crappy idea? What would keep us playing the slots if there was
nothing there to win? Well, let's try it out:

Arcade Fruit Machine from Zeppelin is a computer conversion of a fruit
machine. It opens up with a rather good intro animation and a good piece
of music. After this impressive beginning, you're greeted with the game
screen. This screen features three reels and the usual amount of flashy
win or loose stuff. When starting a game, you will be given 25 coins.
Insert them in the machine by pressing the I key 25 times, and you're off.
You use 4 keys to play the game: Z,X,C and V. Z and V are used to spin the
reels either upwards or downwards, while X and C stand for Gamble or
Collect. It's no harder than a real fruit machine (although I have seen
people who have had real problems figuring out what to do when all the
lights starts flashing).

So... Is this game addictive? I don't know why, but yes. When I start
playing this game, I usually keep playing for a lot longer than I was
planning to. Arcade Fruit Machine has got the proper fruit machine feel,
and it is really fun to win those imaginary coins. Having said this, the
game isn't as addictive as Lemmings, Bubble Bobble, or games like this,
and you won't spend that many hours on it in one sitting. But still, I
think you should grab this little game if you come across it. As it was
originally a budget release, I can't imagine that you'll have to pay big
money for it, and this is one of those small games which will sit well in
anyones game collection.

Finally, though, I have to say that I don't think this game offers much
more than certain PD fruit machine simulators, at least not playabillity
wise. Arcade Fruit Machine is addictive and well presented, and I don't
regret buying it, but if you've already got a fruit machine sim, I can't
really advise you to get this game.

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