Title		Arachnophobia
Publisher       Disney
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Install	Yes
Submission	Chris Vella

   This arcade type game has you as an exterminator who must kill the
infestation of spiders that have invaded the towns. When you find the
queen and kill it, you can then go to the next town to do your

   Each town consists of about 15 houses all of which are infested with
spiders but only one house has the queen. You enter the house of your
choice and walk through each room killing all the spiders. You are armed
with poison that you squirt on the spiders to kill them. You can also jump
on them squishing them but this is more risky because it's easier for you
to get bitten. Get bitten 3 times and you will die. You also have a can of
super poison. Pressing the spacebar releases the can of poision and can
kill all the spiders in a room. You only have a limited number of these so
you must use them sparingly. If you kill all the spiders in the house you
are congratulated by sampled speech and put back into the neighborhood
ready to enter the next house. There is a compass that will point you in
the direction of the house that has the queen. Some houses have items that
you can collect to help you in your extermination. Collecting matches and
a gas can will give you a sort of flame thrower weapon. This is a good
weapon to have when you face the queen because it does 5 times the damage.
Without this weapon you will have to squirt the queen many times as she
will try to attack you. There are also some first aid kits to collect that
will cure you of any spider bites.

   The graphics are decent and the sound is very good. There is some
humorous sampled speech throughout the game. The game plays extremely well
and the difficulty level is perfect. The game gets harder with each town
that you go to. The spiders will become more aggressive and numerous and
will also drop from the ceilings in later levels. The most important thing
about it is that it is so much fun to play. You will really enjoy killing
the spiders, especially when you jump on them. The spiders behave and move
very realistically and you never know if a spider will come after you or
run away from you.

   In conclusion, this is a very good and fun game. The game has a very
cartoony feel to it but it also feels realistic in many ways. The humorous
sampled speech is a nice touch as is the realistic movements of the
spiders. This game will appeal to people of all ages and I think everyone
will like this game. I really can't say anything bad about this game, so
this game gets a definite thumbs up! Very playable + very funny, + very
fun = very good game!

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