Title		Apocalypse
Publisher       Virgin
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA
HD Installable  No
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This sideways scrolling shoot & rescue game is very reminiscent of the
old game Choplifter.

   You control a helicopter and must blast your way through enemy
territory while collecting your fellow soldiers. Your helicopter can only
hold a limited number of men so you will have to fly them back to your
base, drop them off and then go back and pick up the remaining soldiers.
You must be careful not to shoot any of them or crash your helicopter
because all the soldiers (hostages) will be killed.

   Your helicopter is armed with a machine gun but you can collect
different and more powerful weapons along the way. Some of the weapons
included are: Flame Thrower, Missiles, Mines, and Grenades. The enemies
are also armed very well and will constantly try to shoot you down. The
hostages are held in enemy tents and to rescue them you must first shoot
the tent and then the hostages will come running out. You must then land
your helicopter and the hostages will run inside. When your helicopter is
full you must fly back to your base and drop off all the hostages and then
fly back and rescue the remaining ones. You must remember which tents hold
the hostages because some tents only hold enemy soldiers. When their tents
are shot the enemies will come out and start shooting at you immediately.
You can kill these enemies by strafing the ground with your machine gun.
When you have collected the required amount of hostages the level will be
completed and you will go to the next level.

   The graphics and sound in the game are excellent. The explosions are
very nice and the background scenery is also very nice. There are nice
graphical details and the scenery looks very realistic. The game plays
extremely well and is a lot of fun. Collision detection is good and so is
the joystick response. The scrolling could be a little smoother however.
As a shooting game this game would be fun but the added element of
rescuing hostages adds to the gameplay greatly. You get very involved in
the game and feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete a level.
Another nice touch to the game is that sometimes one of your hostages will
get shot but will only be injured, so you will still be able to rescue
them with the help of medics who run out of your helicopter and put them
on a stretcher and then run back into the copter. There are nice little
details like this throughout the game.

   In conclusion, I loved this game. I got so involved that I just wanted
to keep playing. There are so many nice touches and details and this added
to the overall enjoyment of the game. The game plays extremely well and
with each level getting progressively harder the game has lastability. I
have always felt that this game was underrated and never got the respect
it deserves. Buy this game! you will definitely enjoy it. It's not perfect,
but is a damn fine piece of software.

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