Title		Apidya
Publisher       Bluebyte
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
HD Installable  Available on Aminet
Submission	Chris Vella cvella@specdata.com

   This game is one of the best horizontally scrolling shoot'em ups on the
Amiga. You control a Wasp and must blast your way through various and
beautifully drawn levels. Some of the levels include The Garden, Under Water,
and the Sewers. Each level has related enemies to match its level. For
instance, the garden level has you being attacked by various insects and other
bugs that you might find in your garden. The underwater level attacks you with
fish, crabs and other underwater creatures. The graphics are excellent and so
is the sound. Each level has secret levels that if found has you collecting
diamonds and maybe even an extra life.

   The game plays great as a 1 player game but, you can have 2 players playing
at the same time. The second player controls a miniature wasp which is
attatched to the main wasp, so you kind of have to work together to really
progress through the levels. It's a nice idea and one that I haven't really
seen implemented in many games, but it works and is fun.

   To succeed in this game you have to power up your weapons. This is done by
shooting the enemies and having them release the power ups. A nice feature is
that if you die you don't lose all your power ups but half of what you had. It
would be just about impossible to complete the game without having a decent
amount of power ups.

   In conclusion, this game plays in the R-Type vein but, is a much better
game. The gameplay is better, and the Graphics and Sound are noticeably much
better. The whole game just reeks of quality. If you like shoot'em ups,
especially horizontal ones, then you will love this. You will be pressed to
find a better one. The only other games that can come close are Project X and
Disposable Heroes. So enjoy one of the best shooting games the Amiga has to

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