The Adventures of Robin Hood

Title		The Adventures of Robin Hood
Game Type	Adventure
Publisher	Millenium 1991
Players		1
Compatibility	68000
Submission	Kidice

I hardly think I need to discuss the plot to a game called "The Adventures
of Robin Hood," but just in case, here's a nutshell version:

1. Get kicked out of your castle by Sheriff of Nottingham.
2. Assemble band of merry men.
3. Gain popularity of people by robbing from rich and giving to poor.
4. Be declared an outlaw.
5. Woo Maid Marian.
6. Take back castle, ruin/kill Sheriff, hoorah.
7. No this game is not based on any of the movies (especially one's
   starring Kevin Costner)

Robin Hood starts with an amusing little intro in which Robin is stripped
of his castle. You take control of the sulking (no really, it's quite
funny) Robin outside the gates. This gives one the idea that Robin is not
the most together or competent individual, despite what the stories say.
Your job is to lead Robin on his quest to regain his castle. You don't so
much control Robin directly as click on where/what you want him to do and he
does them, sometimes not quite how you wanted him to. Rescuing Will
Scarlet, for example, involves shooting his captors with your bow. Save
your game before you fire, as you're just as about as likely to shoot Will
instead of the guard... Erm, sorry, Will. This is mildly irritating, but
actually goes along well with the feel of the rest of the game.

The game is played in isometric 3/4 view used by Populous/Power Monger and
quite a few other god sim type games. Infact the game has that very sort
of feel to it. You feel more as if you're leading Robin to victory rather
actually BEING Robin. The graphics are a bit on the small side, but very
well done. All the major characters are easily identified and instantly
lovable (it's disgusting really). There are some static images to set the
mood for certain events (such as the changing of the seasons) that are
quite good (given this game's age ('91)). All in all Robin Hood does a
fine job on the visual front.

The sound does it's job well, but is nothing too amazing. The bow makes a
little "thwip" sound when you fire it, the castle gate clatters up and
down, horns herald announcements and hangings, church bells ring, etc.
That's about it really, no pumping industrial sound track by Trent Reznor
(no sound track at all actually), no "chick-chick " of shot- guns being
cocked, no sounds of people running around screaming while on fire...
Sorry, I've been playing quite a bit of Quake and Syndicate lately. B-)

All in all, Robin Hood is a fun little game with quite a bit of humour to
keep you into it. There are a few points at which it isn't very obvious
as to what you should be doing and thus spend a bit of time wandering
around doing nothing, but this doesn't happen too often and never becomes
a problem (you can always go practice with your bow at the target if
you're bored). Be warned that this game will only run on a 68000 processor
(someone want to make a JST/WHD loader for this game???). It's got some
nasty disk based copy protection (plus documentation protection that seems
to be the source.  So if you have an old 2000/500/600 kicking around and
you manage to find a copy of this on the cheap, by all means, get it. It
may be dated, but it's got damn fine sense of humour and is genuinely

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