Title		Anarchy
Publisher       Psygnosis
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Installable  Available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   A nice Amigatized attempt at a defender clone with some extra features. The
basic idea is the same, kill all the enemies while flying over a horizontally
scrolling landscape attempting to protect your pods.

   This very fast paced shooting game is a defender clone. You fly either
left or right shooting all the enemies that try to take away your pods
from the bottom of the screen. You can see where the enemies are going to
attack from by looking at your radar. You collect little glowing balls
that when touched to the pods will protect them from being taken away by
the enemies. If all your pods are taken away then the screens turns red
and you are attacked relentlessly by what seems like a thousand enemies at
the same time. You do have a limited number of so called smartbombs that
will kill most enemies when activated. Unlike defender however, there are
various super enemies that have to be shot many times in order to be
killed. This is a nice feature and adds some variety to the game.

   The graphics and sound are very nice, especially the backdrops. The
game plays well and joystick movement is very responsive. The difficulty
level is a little on the hard side but this makes the game that much more
challenging. The enemies fly in various patterns and seem to home in on
you, so you must have good reflexes and a quick trigger finger. There are
weapon icons that when collected will give you better weapons and more

   In conclusion, this is a very good shoot'em up. Its very similiar to
defender but has more variety. It's very fast paced and enemies are very
numerous. The game plays differently everytime you play so you should
never get bored of playing. If you like defender then you should like this
game. It adds a little variety to defender but some people who are arcade
purists might not like the added variety. I like the variety because if I
want to play an exact version of defender there are PD versions available.
Anyone who likes fast paced shoot'em ups will like this game. You won't
regret buying this.

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