Title		Ambermoon
Game Type	RPG
Players		1
Compatibility	1 meg 500 (See Footnote)

Ambermoon is a RPG which was originally available in German only. The
story is a very dense one: The player starts with a character who takes
for his grandfather in a hut. His grandfather once was a mighty hero. By
exploring the cellars of the hut, the first adventures start drawing the
player in some history about all the surrounding landscape. He has to
visit several towns, dungeons, towers and so on. The story plays not only
on the island the player's character is living on. He has to journey to
other islands and even some of the moons of the planet Kyrandia. Puzzles
have to be solved, many a battle has to be fought (interesting detail
here: there are nearly no random encounters, which means you won't get
annoyed by these like e.g. in the Bard's Tale series) and comrades have to
be found. The puzzles are neither easy nor too hard. You do not have to
solve all of them in a predefined order although some of them require this.

The graphics of Ambermoon consist of either a 3D-graphics or a
2D-graphics. To be able to use the 3D-graphics at least an 68030 with 25
MHz and a graphics board is recommended. The player sees all dungeons
through the eyes of a selectable party member, ie you get a different
view, when looking through the eyes of a dwarf of through the eyes of an
elf. A deficit is that during a battle, this concept isn't used. Here
you get a kind of a matrix where each combatant stays on one field and
has some option to advance, draw back, fight or use magic or items.

Graphics outside of dungeons/towns or battles is shown from a bird's eye
view which gives sufficient overview to move the party over the
landscape. All graphics and music are very well designed and it gives a
lot of fun playing this or listening to the tunes of Ambermoon.

Ambermoon in my eyes is the best (or at least one of the best) RPGs ever
released. This mainly because of its good story and playability. The
major drawback was that it was available in German only, (no longer the
case) although this never was a problem for me personally ;-)

Note (by Alexander Holland, author of the Thalion webshrine)
Compatibility 1 meg A500, 1.5 MB when using a HD. 020 for Floor texture, 030
or FPU for floor and ceiling texture. Graphics board and AGA NOT required.
The game is OCS/ECS and so will either use passthrough with a GFX board, or
default to ECS with the AGA chipset (Unless you boot with OCS selected?)

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