Alien Syndrome

Title           Alien Syndrome
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Publisher       Sega/Softek International, 1987
Players         1 or 2 (Simultaneous)
HD Installable  Yes (With WHDLoad Patch)
Compatability   All (With Patch)
Submission      Pretentious Nickname Profiled Reviewer

    Your Mission:
Your comrades have been captured by the aliens

Destroy the enemy and rescue them

Alien Syndrome was one of my all-time favourite arcade games (showing my
age here...), and the Amiga version certainly doesn't disappoint.

The game has an overhead perspective view, scrolling in four (eight?)
directions. The main aim is to rescue all your comrades in the level in
order to open the exit. Upon opening the exit, you'll face the hideous,
grotesque boss creature of the level. Oh, and there's a time limit, too.
At the beginning of the level, a voice (!) announces "The time bomb is
set", meaning you have a rather large incentive to find your friends
quickly, defeat the boss, and escape.

Luckily, there are several items to help you achieve your goal. First
off, there are several MAP screens throughout each level, which show you
the outline of the level, the location of your comrades, and your position
relative to both. In addition, there are several weapons available to
augment your rather anemic sidearm:

    FIREBALL (FB): Same range as standard weapon, but has a wider shot.
    FLAMETHROWER (F): Limited range, but very powerful.
    LASER (L): nice range, and will cut through enemies!
    OPTION (O): a robot buddy who will follow you and give covering fire.

Graphically, the game isn't bad. The backgrounds are almost on a par with
the arcade, and the aliens look suitably gelatinous and grotesque. Sound
effects are alright. The weapon sounds are annoying, but I love the voice
effects. The music is excellent, and I'm not afraid to turn the volume up
on the stereo to let the neighbourhood know it!

I'd recommend Alien Syndrome to arcade fans and dyed-in-the-wool Sega
fans. The Amiga version is vastly superior to the Sega Master System
release, but not quite as good as the arcade. If I absolutely HAD to give
the game an arbitrary fractional rating, I'd give it an 8/10.

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